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Armor of righteousness, pretty necklace

Armor of righteousness, pretty necklace

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The armor part has a filed and at the same time glossy finish that shimmers in the light. The chain is oxidized.
The inspiration for this necklace is taken from God's armor that is written about in the Bible, Ephesians 6:14. Put on the righteousness of Jesus and let go of the performance of trying to be perfect yourself, you are loved as you are. When you wear the jewelry, I want you to be reminded of this.

Size approx. 4 mm.

You can be sure that your Dorothea's jewelry is made of nickel-free sterling silver 925 or 18K gold. This is guaranteed by several different stamps that you will find on your jewelry.
We often use oxidized silver which gives the dark surface, over time more and more silver nuances appear and create a depth.

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